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Betty Hutson
Betty Hutson
200 Eagles Nest Drive Bldg. 100, Ste. A  Canton, GA 30115
Phone: 770-345-4545 |Fax: 770.345.4544

Tell me More!

1.  How do you make money?

     We collect a small monthly fee plus a transaction fee or small split  determined by the split that you choose.    We also try to keep our overhead low so that we can pass this fabulous opportunity on to you the agent.

2.  Should I go on the 100% plan if I am a new agent?

     No.  You will need to go on the 60 or 70% plan for the first three     transactions.  This way we can give you more support.

3.  What's the catch?

       There is none!  We are committed to offering the highest      commission splits in the area.  We sign an agreement with each      agent, guaranteeing you the commission split you choose .  

4.   Where are you located?

      We are located in Cherokee County, Ga. at 200 Eagles Nest Drive,  Canton, Ga. 

     55.   I do not live near your office.  It might be too far away for me.

      We have agents who live all over North Metro Atlanta. You can fax or e-mail your Listing Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, etc. to our office. 

6.   How do we get paid?

      You can get paid at the closing table if you use one of our       approved attoneys or the attorney can overnight the HUD and       closing check to us. We will write your check the same day we       receive the closing check and the HUD. 

7.   Do you offer training?

      Yes.  For new agents, we have a 30 Days to Success program.      We also offer a Boot Camp program for agents who need refresher courses.  Any one on one training needed is provided.

8.   How about advertising?

      We offer one of the most comprehensive programs that any      company offers.   Once you submit your listings to our First      Multiple Listing Systems, they are automatically downloaded to      around 45 web sites.  We also offer FREE listings in our Home      Buyer Guides, which are distriuted in the Northern Metro Atlanta      area.

9.   Do you sponsor new agents prior to the Ga. State Real Estate     exam?

      Yes.  Our Broker will sign a Broker Sponsoring Form for you to       take with you when you take the exam.  Once you pass the exam, you will automatically be associated with Hutson Realty. 

10.  Do you require us to belong to a Board?

       No.  With Hutson Realty, you will not be required to pay Board or  Franchise Fees.

11.  How do I sign up?

        Call our office at 770-345-4545 and speak with our office        manager.  She can schedule a brief interview and get you signed up. It will only take around 30 minutes.